Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Paying With Bitcoin

From now on, you can pay for purchases at Hit Bandit with Bitcoin because Payza accepts Bitcoin transactions. Just click on Payza button for the product you want to buy, and follow the instructions.

For buyers, using Payza to pay with Bitcoin has advantages over ordinary Bitcoin transactions. If you make a purchase with Bitcoin from a Payza merchant, you will still benefit from Payza’s Buyer Protection, meaning if there’s a problem with the product or service you received, you can request a refund or file a transaction dispute, just like with every Payza transaction. So you have more protection.

Of course, there won't BE any problems with your purchase at Hit Bandit!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Change To Diamond Member Account

When I set up the Diamond member accounts I was very generous with the number of sites that could be defined, and this ran well for quite some time.

But with the large number of Diamond members that Hit Bandit is now attracting, I need to do some fine tuning on this - I really never expected so many Diamond members! I have decided to reduce the maximum number of sites, banners, and text ads for each Diamond member to 90 for each sort.

For some of you, this will mean deleting a few of your sites, but please understand that this measure is to ensure that your traffic will be as fast flowing in the future as you have become used to at Hit Bandit. And Hit Bandit will be able to provide you with that traffic for a long time.

Note that this change only affects Diamond members directly, but all members indirectly in the form of better traffic. My apologies if this change causes any inconvenience to you.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Important Changes At Hit Bandit

Due to the success of the (experimental) cash surfing bonus and surf timer reductions over the past few weeks and months, we have decided to make some permanent changes at Hit Bandit:
  • the surf timer has been reduced to 9 seconds for free members, and reduced by 2 seconds for upgraded members;
  • there will be a cash surf bonus EVERY DAY, normally 3 cents after surfing 230 pages;
  • on Mondays and Thursdays the cash surf bonus will be 7 cents after surfing 500 pages;
  • the extra credit bonus on Mondays and Thursdays will be discontinued.

Monday, March 9, 2015

3-Day Surf Event

This week we will have a 3-day surfing event on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each day you can earn 5 cents by surfing 300 pages, and also the timer will be reduced by 3 seconds. Make sure you join in.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Raid Scheduled: HitCrusher

Announcing a new Raid at HitCrusher traffic exchange starting February 9.

The cash prizes at Hit Bandit are:

  • Gold Prize: $9 cash
  • 2 x Silver Prize: $2 cash
  • 3 x Bronze Prize: $1 cash

The prizes will be added to the winners accounts after the Raid has ended.

There are also some in-house prizes at HitCrusher:

  • 7 Day Startpage
  • 2x 7 Day Upgrade
  • 3x 500 Credits
  • 4x 500 Banners
  • 5x 500 Square Banners

Winners of in-house prizes will need to submit a support ticket at HitCrusher.

Just surf at HitCrusher during the Raid and enter your Hit Bandit user name on the Raid Claim Page. You can claim up to 15 tickets. Your account at Hit Bandit MUST be active, so login to Hit Bandit today. Whilst you are logged in also MAKE SURE you add your referral id at HitCrusher to the downline builder, to allow your referrals at Hit Bandit to join HitCrusher under you because you referral id will be shown on the raid announcement page and the raid splash page.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gift For the New Year

It seems to me to be worthwhile joining programs that thave proven to get sign-ups for Hit Bandit. You should be able to also get sign-ups for other programs there.

So the top ten resources as shown on the Ad Resources page are now clickable to join (or at least those that are membership sites). The joining URL your referrals see will be yours if you enter your affiliate ID for that program in the Downline Builder.

Think of this as a New Year's gift.

To be done: check the list of Ad Resources, and for each program if you are already a member add your affiliate link in the downline builder, otherwise click the link to join and then add your affiliate link to the downline builder. This will help you build your downlines in each of the best programs.