Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inactive Members

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A word about inactivity.

Members who are inactive (do not login) for 60 days risk losing their accounts, and any credits/cash they have accumulated.

This used to be 45 days, but this period has now been extended.

People who do not log-in for 35 days will be marked "Semi-active", and will receive a warning email about impending inactivity. Also, on every newsletter they receive after they become Semi-active, there will be a warning about this, imploring them to just log-in - that's all that's needed.

Why is this necessary?

Hit Bandit is NOT a bank, or investment service. Furthermore, we cannot afford to have our resources being tied up by people who are clearly not interested in what we have to offer. Obviously we have to have a grace period for people whose personal lives have taken a turn, or simply want a long vacation! But there is a limit!
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Abuse Reporting For Messages

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You already knew you could get extra credits or even earn cash by reading messages, and although most of these go without a hitch, sometimes there are problems with this. With a very few messages, the site shown may attempt to break out of frames, or produce irritating popups, or even contain offensive content, or try to download viruses.

It is now possible to report abusive sites displayed when reading messages by clicking on the "Report Abuse" link shown. This works the same way as for surfed sites, and will hopefully reduce the number of bad sites being submitted for messages, giving a better, safer experience for everyone.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


Everybody who reads email has received SPAM - unrequested emails from unknown (sometimes even known) people who have apparently "stolen" your email address. Sometimes they are spreading viruses, or phishing for personal information, or just trying to sell some, often illegal, item.

If you use a web-based email program, like gmail or hotmail websites, where you read the email, you can just click on the spam button, and the email disappears into the SPAM folder. But this is not all that happens, the sending email address and the sending IP address usually get reported to a spam policing organisation.

There are several of these organisations who maintain blacklists of email senders who have been reported as spammers. When someone gets reported as spammer enough times, they will be added to the blacklist until the reports have stopped coming for some time. Emails from blacklisted email or IP addresses are then blocked and returned to the sender. This way, the first few people who report an email as SPAM spare the rest of us from receiving it.

However, if, like me, you use a PC based program like Outlook Express, Incredimail or Thunderbird, to read your email, reporting spam is somewhat tougher. This is where spamcop comes in. Spamcop is one of those spam policing organisations, probably the biggest. If you sign-up free at spamcop, you can report spam emails directly to them, explaining why you think the email is spam. These reports actually have more effect than a simple spam folder.

Don't feel bad about reporting individual emails - the definition of spam is a collective one: the more people there are who think an email is spam, the more it's true. So join spamcop for free today.

New Jackpot Prizes At Hit Bandit

The new weekly jackpot of 1000 credits has been awarded for the first time today. Every Monday there will be a prize drawn amongst the bandit winners of the previous week for 1000 credits. This is in addition to the well-known jackpot of 10000 credits monthly. From July on, two extra prizes are available in the monthly draw: 2nd prize 5000 credits and 3rd prize 2500 credits.

All the more reason to play the bandit on Hit Bandit: win by getting 3 bandits in a row and you will be automatically entered for both draws.