Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inactive Members

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A word about inactivity.

Members who are inactive (do not login) for 60 days risk losing their accounts, and any credits/cash they have accumulated.

This used to be 45 days, but this period has now been extended.

People who do not log-in for 35 days will be marked "Semi-active", and will receive a warning email about impending inactivity. Also, on every newsletter they receive after they become Semi-active, there will be a warning about this, imploring them to just log-in - that's all that's needed.

Why is this necessary?

Hit Bandit is NOT a bank, or investment service. Furthermore, we cannot afford to have our resources being tied up by people who are clearly not interested in what we have to offer. Obviously we have to have a grace period for people whose personal lives have taken a turn, or simply want a long vacation! But there is a limit!
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