Saturday, October 9, 2010

Team Traffic Rush has been to Hit Bandit

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You may have heard of Team Traffic Rush (TTR), or maybe not.

Anyway, Hit Bandit hosted a Traffic Rush with a top prize of $25!

If you didn't know this you are too late!

There was also $25 for the TTR referrer of the winner!

And other prizes from Hit Bandit:
  • (3) "Sites Of The Day" (winner's website of choice displayed as first surfing site on 3 different days)
  • (1) 3000 credits
  • (1) Newsletter ad (winner's ad is shown in a Hit Bandit newsletter to 14000+ members)

Here are the winners:
- Cash winner ($25): user fhmfhm (paid by TTR)
- User gryle wins 3 Sites Of The Day
- User aussie1 wins 3 Sites Of The Day
- User ProResponse wins 3 Sites Of The Day
- User kevinb wins 3000 credits
- User Prestons07 wins 1 newsletter ad

You can still earn from all of the Rushes taking place on various TE's by checking the schedule at TTR.

Congratulations to all winners!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

New Cash Deposit Possibility

There was already a method to deposit cash to your account, $4 acount deposit for $5.15. Now you can deposit more for less! Deposit $40 for $47, and get 500 PTR-message points to send 0.5 cent messages to 500 members - best value!

This is extremely useful if you want to cash in on the Credit Exchange, where you get more for your buck!

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Help And Revised FAQ

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions section) has been revised to make it more usable - the questions have been categorised so you can find what you need more easily.

In addition, a new "Need Help?" function has been added to various pages to extract the relevant parts of the FAQ in a pop-up. If you don't allow pop-ups then the text will be displayed in the current window.

This should help all the new members you are bringing in to quickly get up to speed with Hit Bandit.