Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AF is run by a group of jealous TE owners

The guys at Affiliate Funnel are acting childishly!

Due to an error on their part, many of the factors that ensure the TE's owned by the people behind AF did not get included in this week's ratings, so that only number of votes and voter's rating counted towards the ratings.

Of course, on this basis Hit Bandit came out at #3!

We have always had a high number of votes and high rating, so this result is not surprising to me!

To hide their embarrasment, AF have now pulled Hit Bandit from the ratings altogether!

Shame on you Paul Kinder et al!!!

I did not receive an answer to my query as to why they had done this, so the reason is obvious -  they are JEALOUS!

I hope that everyone reading this logs into their AF account, clicks on Contact Us at the bottom of the page, and lets fly how childish they are for pulling Hit Bandit!

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