Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another New Raid

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Another Raid has been scheduled, this time at Superior Traffic from September 16.

These are the prizes:

Gold Prize: $7 cash
3 x Silver Prize: $1 cash

2 x $3 /300/300/300
2 x $2/200/200/200
2 x $1/100/100/100
1 x 1 month Rook Pro Upgrade

In case you're not familiar with Superior Traffic, this TE pays for surfing and also has a major referral contest going with $2000 in prizes. On top of that they are offering $1 for every active referral during September, so now is your chance to use the new downline builder - join Superior Traffic, add your referral link in the downline builder and advertise the Raid Splash Page everywhere you can.
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