Monday, September 5, 2011

Winners At FroggyHits

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The Raid at FroggyHits has now finished - this was the most successful Raid so far with 584 tickets being claimed for the draw!

Cash winners of Raid at FroggyHits:
  • Gold Prize $10.00 cash - cat1951
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - kevla1b
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - DaCliCKrush
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - thejokersqueen
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - pivka1
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - trickytrap
Their referrer's also won cash prizes, and all winners have been notified by email. The in-house prizewinners will be announced by Louise at FroggyHits.

Congratulations to all winners, and many thanks to all participants!

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