Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Raid Scheduled At Coffee-BeanClicks

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Another new Raid has been scheduled, this time at Coffee-BeanClicks. The Gold Prize is $10 cash, and the in-house prizes are:
  • 1 x 2500 credits 100 texts 100 banners
  • 1 x 1000 credits 50 texts 50 banners
The Raid will start at noon on Thursday, November 3rd and last exactly one week. You can join Coffee-BeanClicks from the downline builder at Hit Bandit.

When the Raid is running, surf at Coffee-BeanClicks and hunt for the claim page, enter your Hit Bandit user name in the space provided and hit claim. The winners will be drawn from the submitted claim tickets at the end of the Raid. Make sure your Hit Bandit account is fully active by logging in.

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