Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Raid Scheduled At LadybugTraffic

A ladybug standing on a leaf. Photograph taken...Image via Wikipedia
There is a new Raid scheduled from noon PST on January 15 at Ladybug Traffic. The cash prizes are:
  • Gold Prize: $10 cash
  • 3 x Silver Prize: $3 cash
  • 6 x Bronze Prize: $1 cash
The winners' referrers also receive a percentage of these prizes.

The in-house prizes are:
  • 1000/1000/1000 surf/banner/text credits
  • 500/500/500 surf/banner/text credits
  • 250/250/250 surf/banner/text credits
  • 200/200/200 surf/banner/text credits
  • 100/100/100 surf/banner/text credits
Just join LadybugTraffic, surf until you find the claim page, enter your Hit Bandit user name, and hit the claim button. You can claim up to 15 tickets, so just keep on surfing!

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