Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Raid Scheduled At Celtic Moon Traffic

Celtic Moon Traffic is on the cutting edge, destined to be a player in the world: fast and friendly customer service, earning real cash and commissions. This Traffic Exchange will be raided by Bandits from March 1 for one week.

There are 5 cash prizes of $3 to be won, so a good chance of winning cash, and the referrer's of the winners (up to 4 levels deep) will receive 10%-25% of this depending on their upgrade status.

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Also, there are the following in-house prizes to be won at Celtic Moon Traffic:
  • 1 x year upgrade member
  • 5 x 3000 credits
  • 10 x 1500 credits
So lots of worthwhile prizes to be won. You won't want to miss this Raid!

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