Friday, February 3, 2012

New Raid Scheduled At Songman Hits

Another Raid will start, this time at Songman Hits on February 10 at noon. The Raid lasts a week, during which time you can claim tickets for the prizes on the Claim Page that is in rotation on the surfbar at Songman Hits. You need to enter your Hit Bandit user name to claim your ticket - this way you know that the prizes are exclusive to Hit Bandit members.

Songman...Songman... (Photo credit: Rusty Stewart)
The prizes are:
  • Gold Prize: $10 cash
  • 5 x Silver Prize: $1 cash
  • 1 x 1000/1000/1000 hits/banners/text
  • 1 x 750/750/750 hits/banners/text
  • 1 x 500/500/500 hits/banners/text
  • 1 x 250/250/250 hits/banners/text
  • 1 x 100/100/100 hits/banners/text
The cash prizes are paid to your Hit Bandit account, the others are offered to you at Songman Hits.

Mark the start date in your agenda so you don't miss it.

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