Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Raid Scheduled at Traffic Bowling

BOWL BABY, BOWL (Photo credit: MLHS)
Another new Raid has been scheduled - this time Bandits will be Raiding Traffic Bowling. The Raid will start on May 12 at noon (Hit Bandit time) and will last one week.

Cash prizes:
  • Gold Prize: $5 cash
  • 3 x Silver Prize: $1 cash
In-house prizes:
  • 3 x $0.50, 500 credits, 500 banners, 500 texts
  • 2 x $0.30, 300 credits, 300 banners, 300 texts
  • 1 x $0.20, 200 credits, 200 banners, 200 texts
Just join Traffic Bowling from the downline builder, surf at Traffic Bowling and when you see the Hit Bandit claim page, enter your Hit Bandit user name to claim your ticket. You can make up to 15 claims. The draw for the prizes will be made shortly after the Raid ends.

Your Hit Bandit account must be active, so make sure you log into Hit Bandit and surf a few pages.
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