Friday, July 20, 2012

Raid Scheduled At Surf Clown

A new Raid has been scheduled at Surf Clown starting July 23rd at noon Hit Bandit time. Surf Clown is a manual traffic exchange where you can come and have fun promoting all your websites!

Surf and win:
Gold Prize: $9 cash
2 x Silver Prize: $2 cash
3 x Bronze Prize: $1 cash

In-house prizes:
1 x Surf Clown Upgraded Lifetime Membership
3 x Surf Clown One To One Surf Memberships
1 x 1000 credits, text & banner impressions
2 x 500 credits, text & banner impressions
3 x 250 credits, text & banner impressions

The Raid lasts one week. To win, collect as many tickets as you can when surfing Surf Clown - watch for the Raid Claim Page and stake your claim by entering your Hit Bandit user name!

Don't miss it!