Saturday, August 18, 2012

New: Square Banners

Two new banners have been added on the promote page - these are 125x125 square banners. You can show these on any site where a square banner can be submitted.
And to encourage you to promote Hit Bandit actively, the cash you get for each new active referral has been increased to 25 cents.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paid-To-Click At Hit Bandit

Hit Bandit has introduced a Paid-To-Click area where you get paid to click on ads!

In the Earn menu there is now an item "Paid-To-Click" where you will see ads that can be clicked for cash or credits. The ad is shown in a separate window.

As advertiser, you can also place PTC ads. When you click on Campaigns, you will see "PTC ads" just underneath Messages - click on this and you will see a form you can complete and submit to get your PTC ad shown. First, choose the type of PTC ad to be sent, then add your site URL (and test it!). If you want to have a banner shown, fill in the banner image (and test it!), otherwise add a short text ad.

Members will only be able to click on any ad once every 2 days.