Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Raid Scheduled At Force Hits

Yet another new Raid has been scheduled, now at Force Hits, starting on September 28th at noon PDT.

The cash prizes are:
  • Gold Prize: $9 cash
  • 2 x Silver Prize: $2 cash
  • 3 x Bronze Prize: $1 cash
If your referral wins one of these cash prizes, you will get a percentage too!

There are also several in-house prizes:
  • 3 x 1,000 credits
  • 10 x 500 banners
  • 10 x 500 text ads
Just surf at Force Hits during the Raid, and fill in your Hit Bandit user name on as many claim pages as you can. The Raid will last exactly 7 days.

May the Force be with you!