Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Raid At Mysterious Scotland Traffic

A new Raid has been scheduled at Mysterious Scotland Traffic - many of you older Bandits will know that a Raid has been held there before. The cash prizes are:
  • Gold Prize: $9
  • 2xSilver Prize: $2
  • 3xBronze Prize: $1
Just surf at Mysterious Scotland Traffic during the Raid to find the claim pages and fill in your Hit Bandit user name. You can claim up to 15 tickets, but you can only win if your Hit Bandit account is active, so make sure of that by logging in today!

If your referral wins a prize, you also win a prize!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Winners Of TE Surf Social Raid

The cash winners of the Raid at TE Surf Social are:
  • Gold Prize $5.00 cash - smsicto
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - stxmhqi
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - ballen
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - wnwffdz
Their referrers have also won a percentage of these prizes.

The in-house winners of 100 banner/100 text Ads are: samgen, vxuzwql, dzbjrzjp. They have been instructed to send a support ticket at TE Surf Social to claim their prizes.

Congratulations to all winners, and many thanks to all the participants.

At this moment, there are no more Raids scheduled, but watch this space!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Winners of the Raid at CookieJarHits

The prizes have been drawn, and the cash winners of the Raid at CookieJarHits are:
  • Gold Prize $5.00 cash - im800man
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - zzmocashzz
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - songman
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - Rita
This amount has been deposited to the winner's accounts, and their referrers have received a percentage.

The in-house winners are:
  • 100 banners/100 text Ads : zpnnbpaiq
  • 100 banners/100 text Ads : moneybags
  • 100 banners/100 text Ads : zzmocashzz
Congratulations to all winners, and many thanks to all those who took part.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Raid Winners At Force Hits

The winners have been drawn from over 500 tickets, and the cash winners are:
  • Gold Prize $9.00 cash - uykuggt
  • Silver Prize $2.00 cash - dzbjrzjp
  • Silver Prize $2.00 cash - obvzciw
  • Bronze Prize $1.00 cash - gtaradi
  • Bronze Prize $1.00 cash - uykuggt
  • Bronze Prize $1.00 cash - bhcpzbbhm
The cash has been paid into their accounts, and their referrers have also won cash.

The in-house winners are:
  • 1,000 credits : dzbjrzjp, hmcmqex, zerocashin
  • 500 banners : uvvgciamn, zzmocashzz, vxuzwql, bhcpzbbhm, Konstantin, xqlzhitc, pinkangel, mpceooj, Invroz, zpnnbpaiq
  • 500 text ads : xiggy8, wnwffdz, dzbjrzjp, gtaradi, mpceooj, xqlzhitc, xiggy8, johnkail, sdmsdyq, xzyonij
In-house winners have received instructions to submit a support ticket to Force Hits to claim their prize.

Congratulations to all winners, and many thanks to all who took part.