Sunday, March 24, 2013

Banners and Activty

When you submit a benner at Hit Bandit, that banner is only shown on the surfbar, never on the member's pages. The banners you see on the member's pages that automatically refresh are from various banner exchanges that I use to advertise Hit Bandit on. These and some other ad sources ensure a continual stream of new members at Hit Bandit for you to advertise to.

Some of the new members are allocated at random to various Diamond Members, others (when they have proven to be active) are offered for purchase on the purchase page. Inactive members get their accounts deleted after several months of inactivity. When you see Traffic Exchanges advertising that they have 26,000 or 54,000 or even more members, you can be sure that inactive members are NEVER removed, and that around 95% - 98% of the members never, ever login. A Traffic Exchange with 26000 active members would be far bigger than Easy Hits 4 U (and that's by far the biggest!).

Active TE's can quickly be found on the list of Get Easy Hits, where Hit Bandit is also in the top 20.