Monday, June 24, 2013

Timer Down, Bonus Up

This week, until end-of-day Friday, the surf timer will be reduced by 3 seconds. For free members this means a 9-second timer, for Diamond members this means 3 seconds, and other upgrades are somewhere inbetween.

On the last day of the timer reduction, the surfing bonus will be doubled. Your surfing bonus is determined by how much you have surfed in the few days before. So to get full benefit from the doubled bonus you will need to surf lots on Wednesday and/or Thursday. You can always see what your surfing bonus is today, and what it will be tomorrow, on the member's home page.

Make sure you surf plenty this week so that you have a bonus to double - it would be a crying shame to have a bonus of 0% on Friday!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Square Banners On The Prize Page

We are all familiar with the standard wide banner with format 468x60. But nowadays many affiliate programs, traffic exchanges, and safelists offer square banners for you to advertise wherever you can. This is the format 125x125 which is becoming increasingly popular.

The prize page at Hit Bandit now displays 2 square banners.

You can add square banners to advertise your affiliate programs on the banners page. Make sure you select format "square", or they will not show properly. They use the same banner impressions as for regular wide banners on the surfbar. You can also add geo-targetting to square banners in the same way as for regular wide banners, and upgraded members can regulate the number of shows per hour.

The prize page is a page that surfers watch for, so you can be sure that your square banners will be seen!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

More info on new referrals

When you refer a new member to Hit Bandit, you will now receive two emails: one upon signup, which will include the campaign info that this signup came from, and one upon activation, informing you that your cash and credit bonuses have been added.

Currently, when a new referral activates their account, you get $0.10 cash plus 50 credits.