Sunday, August 11, 2013

MY URL Shortener and Tracker

Upgraded members of Hit Bandit now have access to a free URL shortener and tracking system at (MY Url Shortener . WebSite). This can be accessed this from the menu at Hit Bandit by clicking the link "URL Shortener" at the bottom of the menu.

With this addition, upgraded members can define short URL's, optionally adding them to their site list at Hit Bandit automatically, and get detailed tracking statistics about visitor country and referring domain, as well as detailed overviews of the link access distribution during the day.

Hit Bandit sites that are shortened links have a globe next to them on the site list. By clicking this globe, country visitor statistics from are shown.

More features will be added soon.

Upgrades at Hit Bandit start at just $4 per month for Topaz membership.