Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Raid Scheduled: Money-Hits

Once again we can announce another new Raid, this time at Money-Hits starting March 9.

These are the cash prizes at Hit Bandit:
  • Gold Prize: $12 cash
  • 2 x Silver Prize: $5 cash
  • 5 x Bronze Prize: $2 cash
Furthermore, there are also some in-house prizes at Money-Hits:
  • 2x 1000 credits plus unlimited banner credits
  • 2x 500 credits plus unlimited banner credits
  • 2x 250 credits plus unlimited banner credits
  • 1x $5 Collect Lotto tickets Drawing Mon 17th
Join from the downline builder or the Raid page at Hit Bandit, and MAKE SURE you add your referral id to the downline builder. During the Raid you can surf at Money Hits to find the Raid Claim page and enter your Hit Bandit user name. The Raid will last one week, and you can make up to 15 claims for the prizes - so you could win more than once!

If your referral wins cash, you win too!