Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hit Bandit Introduces The Booster

You know that you get good, fast traffic at Hit Bandit - lots of hits from all over the world, and good stats every day.

But often when you submit a new site and assign credits to it, it takes a while for the site to get into the system, and you can wait a while before you start getting hits. But this is not what you want when you are all excited about advertising this new site - you want instant results!

Well, we have now introduced the booster! If you submit a new site and assign loads of credits to it, the booster pushes your site into the noses of those surfing right at that moment. So you get several hits within a few seconds. Here at Hit Bandit we expect that this will encourage people to assign more credits, or surf a little more for more credits, or even buy some more credits!

Of course there are a number of safeguards to prevent abuse, like a limit on how many sites each member can get boosted per hour. But you won't notice these unless you try to cheat the system!

We are still monitoring the booster's effectivity, and busy tweaking it and improving it. But please bear with us - you'll see it's worth it!