Thursday, February 20, 2014

Raid Scheduled At Traffic Surfers

One Raid ends and another begins... Another Raid has been scheduled, this time at Steve Taurman's new site: Traffic Surfers.

The cash prizes at Hit Bandit are:
  • Gold Prize: $9 cash
  • 2 x Silver Prize: $2 cash
  • 3 x Bronze Prize: $1 cash
There are also some in-house prizes at Traffic Surfers:
  • 3x 10 Solo Email Ads to all Traffic Surfers Members
  • 1x 1,000 credits 1,000 banner & 1,000 texts
  • 2x 750 credits
  • 3x 500 credits
  • 5x 350 credits
Join from the downline builder at Hit Bandit, and MAKE SURE you add your referral id to the downline builder. From February 28 you can surf at Traffic Surfers to find the Raid Claim page and enter your Hit Bandit user name. The Raid will last one week, and you can make up to 15 claims.

The downline builder function has been extended, so that when you enter your referral ID for a site wherethere is a Raid, your referral link will be shown to your downline on the raid page, as well as on the Bandit Raid splash page (splash 10). So you can advertise a Raid while building your downline. Try it out with Traffic Surfers.