Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Winners Of Raid At A-SimpleandEasy-TE

The winning tickets have been drawn, and these are the cash winners:
  • Gold Prize $5.00 cash - danny72
  • Silver Prize $1.00 cash - worldpremiere, pattypoo, ivana
The following members won in-house prizes:
  • $1.00/100/200/200 : cupkins, worldpremiere
  • $0.75/75/175/175 : annsem, thinner
  • $0.50/50/150/150 : evern, rebell
  • $0.25/25/125/125 : krmrao1in, firefly
Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to everyone who took part.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winners Of The Raid At Money-Hits

The winning tickets have been drawn, and here are the cash winners:
  • Gold Prize $12.00 cash: annsem
  • Silver Prizes $5.00 cash: dahard, thinner
  • Bronze Prizes $2.00 cash: joto6255, cpcpcp, gemg417, dbarr193, panther57
The in-house prizewinners are:
  • 1000 credits plus unlimited banner credits : thinner, zzmocashzz
  • 500 credits plus unlimited banner credits : ptcreviewed, lonelywolf
  • 250 credits plus unlimited banner credits : joto6255, zzmocashzz
  • $5 Collect Lotto tickets Drawing Mon 17th : annsem
Congratulations to all winners, and also to all their referrers who won a percentage of the cash prizes.

Not a winner? Don't despair, there will be other chances - check out the Raid schedule.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another New Raid Scheduled

Another new Raid has been sheduled, this time at A-SimpleandEasy-TE starting March 18 at noon, and running until noon March 25.

The cash prizes at Hit Bandit are:
 -1x Gold Prize   $5
 -3x Silver Prize   $1

There are also the following in-house prizes:
 * 2x  $1.00/100/200/200
 * 2x  $0.75/75/175/175
 * 2x  $0.50/50/150/150
 * 2x  $0.25/25/125/125

Just surf at A-SimpleandEasy-TE during the Raid and enter your Hit Bandit user name on the Raid Claim Page. You can claim up to 15 tickets. Your account at Hit Bandit needs to be active, so login to Hit Bandit to make sure.

Set the Raid in your calendar so you don't miss it!

Winners of Raid at Traffic Surfers

The winners have been drawn from the claimed tickets, and the cash winners are:
  • Gold Prize $9.00 cash: krmrao1in
  • Silver Prize $2.00 cash: rogerhep, thinner
  • Bronze Prize $1.00 cash: annsem, rebell, danny72
Their referrers also received a percentage of these prizes.

The in-house prize winners are:
  • 10 Solo Email Ads to all Traffic Surfers Members : gregoryh, cerberus, zzmocashzz
  • 1,000 credits 1,000 banner & 1,000 texts : twistedtar
  • 750 credits : danny72, caroline675
  • 500 credits : krmrao1in, funseeker, danny72
  • 350 credits : jmadsoftware, annsem, scorry, ingaoz, cerberus
Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to all participants. If you didn't win this time there are more Raids scheduled so maybe you will have more luck next time!