Saturday, March 8, 2014

Winners of Raid at Traffic Surfers

The winners have been drawn from the claimed tickets, and the cash winners are:
  • Gold Prize $9.00 cash: krmrao1in
  • Silver Prize $2.00 cash: rogerhep, thinner
  • Bronze Prize $1.00 cash: annsem, rebell, danny72
Their referrers also received a percentage of these prizes.

The in-house prize winners are:
  • 10 Solo Email Ads to all Traffic Surfers Members : gregoryh, cerberus, zzmocashzz
  • 1,000 credits 1,000 banner & 1,000 texts : twistedtar
  • 750 credits : danny72, caroline675
  • 500 credits : krmrao1in, funseeker, danny72
  • 350 credits : jmadsoftware, annsem, scorry, ingaoz, cerberus
Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to all participants. If you didn't win this time there are more Raids scheduled so maybe you will have more luck next time!