Monday, December 22, 2014

Where Are Members Recruited From?

The other day I noticed this statement on the home page at Quality Page Views which I quote here:
"I Will Also Post Here At Every 1000 Members Where Site TOP 10 Recruiting Sites is Coming from. NO Place does that, but should."
Now this is written in a typical Vernon Chumbly style, and he is often somewhat controversial, but he is absolutely right! Why should TE owners withhold this valuable information? They have complete and easy access to it, but for you to get similar info, you would need to use complex or expensive trackers in lots of different places!

I have therefore decided to make a list of the top 10 sources of Hit Bandit recruiters (for what it is worth) available, and you can find it in the Manage Account menu under Ad Resources. There is also an internal link from the Promote page.

This info is only a snapshot, and it is dependant on how heavily Hit Bandit gets advertised at a particular resource. But it gives a clue as to which resources really do work.

I hope to improve the usefulness of this info in the future.