Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Change To Diamond Member Account

When I set up the Diamond member accounts I was very generous with the number of sites that could be defined, and this ran well for quite some time.

But with the large number of Diamond members that Hit Bandit is now attracting, I need to do some fine tuning on this - I really never expected so many Diamond members! I have decided to reduce the maximum number of sites, banners, and text ads for each Diamond member to 90 for each sort.

For some of you, this will mean deleting a few of your sites, but please understand that this measure is to ensure that your traffic will be as fast flowing in the future as you have become used to at Hit Bandit. And Hit Bandit will be able to provide you with that traffic for a long time.

Note that this change only affects Diamond members directly, but all members indirectly in the form of better traffic. My apologies if this change causes any inconvenience to you.